If you can visualize a butterfly trapped in its own cocoon and empathize with its extreme desperation of liberating itself out of it; you may then understand the motivation and passion that empowers 3D Wale to liberate the world from the shackles of conventional 2D designs and break-free into the 3-Dimensional world of limitless possibilities.
3D Wale is a comprehensive 3D Design and Development product-suite by NED Studio that offers 360-Degree Design and Technology solutions to ensure your brands, products and services, a marketing and experiential high, like never before!
With a combination of 3D designers, animators, VR-experts, AR-coders and all the nerdiness it needs to power a non-stop engine of unfathomable 3D solutions, 3D Wale is an outstandingly one-stop destination for all things 3D!
Try the best there is… Try the best of 3D…
Go 3D Wale!


1. 3D Arch vizrendring

2. 3D walkthrough rendring

3. 3D product rendring

4. 3D product animation

5. 3D character animation

6. 3D & real image manipulation

7. 360 degree panorama rendring

8. VR presentation

9. AR presentation

10. video shooting

11. Drone shooting

12. brochure design

13. marketing

14. collaterals