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It has been quite some time since world has not only outgrown the constraints of 2-Dimensional realm of print, graphics and designs nut has also evolved itself to higher standards of experiential perceptions. In today’s day and age, 3D design and technological solutions are not just some random luxury that your brand, product or service can choose to ignore. 3D has set new standards for how content is presented and consumed. The potentials and implications of 3D design and technology have surpassed all the expectations of markets and consumers worldwide. Getting your brand, product or service marketed using the power of 3D is not only a boost for visual and experiential gains, but is also a necessity that your aesthetic impressions need.

We are 3D Wale!

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What we are…

3D Wale is a comprehensive 360 degree product suite by NED Studio that offers any and all 3D Design, Development and Marketing Solutions.

3D Wale is made of a dedicate of 3D Design and Technology-Nerds that are ready to push all boundaries and make sure your projects exceed all expectations through the unmatched designs, visuals and experiential technology.

3D Wale is a single-mission team. The mission to enable, enhance, boost and explore 3D Design and Technology to further your brand goals.

What we do…

3D Wale offers diverse services and technological assistance ranging from, but not confined to – 3D Architectural Vizualization Rendering, 3D Walkthrough Rendering, 3D Product Rendering, 3D Product Animation, 3D Character Animation, 3D & Real Image Manipulations, 360 Degree Panorama Rendering, Virtual Realty Presentation and Augmented Reality Presentation.

Apart from the core 3D Design solutions, 3D Wale also offer affiliated services like Video Shooting, Drone Shooting and Marketing Collaterals.

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If you can visualize a butterfly trapped in its own cocoon and empathize with its extreme desperation of liberating itself out of it; you may then understand the motivation and passion that empowers 3D Wale to liberate the world from the shackles of conventional 2D designs and break-free into the 3-Dimensional world of limitless possibilities.

3D Wale is a comprehensive 3D Design and Development product-suite by NED Studio that offers 360-Degree Design and Technology solutions to ensure your brands, products and services, a marketing and experiential high, like never before!

With a combination of 3D designers, animators, VR-experts, AR-coders and all the nerdiness it needs to power a non-stop engine of unfathomable 3D solutions, 3D Wale is an outstandingly one-stop destination for all 3D things.

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