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If you can visualize a butterfly trapped in its own cocoon and empathize with its extreme desperation of liberating itself out of it; you may then understand the motivation and passion that empowers 3D Wale to liberate the world from the shackles of conventional 2D designs and break-free into the 3-Dimensional world of limitless possibilities.

3D Wale is a comprehensive 3D Design and Development product-suite by NED Studio that offers 360-Degree Design and Technology solutions to ensure your brands, products and services, a marketing and experiential high, like never before!

With a combination of 3D designers, animators, VR-experts, AR-coders and all the nerdiness it needs to power a non-stop engine of unfathomable 3D solutions, 3D Wale is an outstandingly one-stop destination for all things 3D!

Try the best there is… Try the best of 3D…

Go 3D Wale!